Studio Pombe Presents


A sliver of consciousness largely
unknown to civil society
Studio Pombe teams up with artist Logan Sthal to provide the one-of-a-kind mixed media
journal documenting the story of the whorlist people on the holy planet Coelum.

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Wolf Fang Fist

Upcoming music project in collaboration with musician Kwame and Artist Piyotchyo
Directed and animated by Jonzell

Monster Brawler

Upcoming game in collaboration with Head Tilt Studio
Lead artist/ Ezra & Teapak
Music/ Kawame
Programmer/ Ectho
Animator/ Jonzell


A server to talk about the awesome Studio Pombe works! We have behind the scenes art, early screenings, free art classes, and More!

studio pombe

At studio pombe we believe every artist deserves to have a team behind them. Our role involves the outbound calling of those members to help bring your vison to fruition.